STEAMpunk Ocean

This program is designed to introduce youth from ages 10 to 17-years old to a multitude of activities that integrate Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Science with scuba and develop youth leadership skills. 

Lecture Room



​MINDS (Moving In New DirectionS) is the foundation's mentorship program that empowers youth by encouraging new ideas and providing a safe space for self-expression. Leadership and coaching classes are integrated with other initiatives to give students the chance to utilize and enhance a variety of skills.



During each season, we offer scuba experiences, clinics, diving classes and marine science workshops. Divers will develop their physical and science skills that culminate in research field trips to reefs in Florida. We also engage with our local communities through environmental cleanup events, ocean engineering challenges, and other projects.

Curious Minds Dive Team


The Curious Minds Dive Team is a youth dive education program designed to strengthen youth involvement in diving and ocean / aquatic conservation.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

GREEN Program

The GREEN Program is an innovative, eco-STEM initiative that exposes youth to the world of restoration and conservation while developing leadership skills so youth to be eco-champions in their own communities and the world.

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​Discover an exciting new world below the ocean’s surface along the beautiful islands of the Florida Keys! The crystal clear water of the Keys allows students to get a close-up look at the abundant marine life that these tropical waters have to offer.