STEAMpunk Ocean


The STEAMpunk Ocean program enriches youths’ experience and knowledge of marine conservation and STEAM through youth-directed projects and inquiry, career explorations and collaborative expert partnerships.


The STEAMpunk Ocean program is designed to introduce youth between the ages of 10 and 18 to a multitude of activities that integrate Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Science with SCUBA and develop youth leadership skills in conservation. Each session, students will complete a capstone experience where they will have an opportunity to utilize the knowledge, skills, and abilities, and display appropriate dispositions consistent with being advocates of conservation.


Each session, we offer scuba clinics, diving classes, and STEAM workshops. Divers will develop their diving and science skills leading to research field trip.  We also plan local community projects, including environmental cleanup events, ocean engineering challenges, and other projects our members are interested in leading.

2021-2022 Schedule


All session will be scheduled on Wednesday Nights from 7:00 - 8:30 PM



May 18, 2022        Student Showcase!  The students will have 5 minutes to present on the ocean. They can use                                      PowerPoint, create artwork like a drawing, write a song, tell a story, make a movie or tic tok. Its                                      their choice. Just needs to be about the ocean.  5 min presentation! 

May 11, 2022         More Activities with TinkerCAD  using the software to set up your models to be printed on your 3D                                  printer 

May 4, 2022          Learning to use TinkerCAD

April 27, 2022       Special guest speaker Jesse Lang with Palmetto Subsea Inspections, LLC 

April 20, 2022       Talking trash with NASA intern Jandlyn Bently. Learn how NASA uses satellites to track plastic in the                                Great Pacific garbage patch. Then use your junk drawer finds  to make some upcycled ART. 

April 13, 2022       Using the Sextant to find your location

April 6, 2022          Building a Sextant - Building a Sextant continued


March 30, 2022     Building and using a sextant: A sextant is a tool for measuring the angular altitude of a star                                            above the horizon. Primarily, they have been used for navigation.


March 23, 2022    MariSTEM Archeology - how science and humanity careers meet under the sea.

March 16, 2022    Spring Break


March 9, 2022     Building and using a sextant: A sextant is a tool for measuring the angular altitude of a star                                            above the horizon. Primarily, they have been used for navigation.

March 2, 2022    Buoyance Experiments 


Feb 23, 2022      Florida and the Goliath Grouper debate 

Feb 13, 2022      ROV project debrief and videos

Feb 9, 2022       Building a Coat hanger ROV

Feb 2, 2022       Mike Bartick will be joining us from Manilla to talk about black water diving.

Jan 26, 2022     TBA

Jan 19, 2022      The Art of Story Telling with David Clunch

Jan 12, 2022      I.CARE -  Islamorada Conservation & Restoration Education Presentation!


Dec 15, 2021     Christmas cookie decorating throwdown. Decorate our Sea Creature sugar cookies as we prepare for                                 the Holiday break.


Dec 8, 2021       Create a simple circuit light up greeting card with everyone's favorite deep sea creature the Angler Fish.


Dec 1, 2021       Bioluminescence in the Deep 


Nov 17, 2021     A ship to Shore conversation with the ROV operators on the EV Nautilus research vessel while it                                      explores the deepest parts of the ocean around Hawaii.


Nov 10, 2021    Saving the coral reefs of STEAMpunk Island with Dr. Karen Neely - a role playing case study.  

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Classes that are being developed for this year
Some of our visiting scientist

Karen Neely Coral.jpg
Dr. Karen Neely
Coral disease 
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Dr. Kylie Smith
Coral restoration
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Calvin Mires
Project recovery
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Capt Laurel Seaborn
Marine archaeology 
Technology Class