Meet The Team


Board Chairman & Executive Director

Larry Klinger 

Introduced to scuba diving at 16-years old while in the Boy Scouts, Larry fell in love with the sport and has been diving ever since. As a teacher, school administrator, retired military Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), Larry enjoys sharing the sport of diving with others in a family friendly environment.  Remembering why he became a teacher and scuba instructor helps Larry stay focused and take pride in the success of others.

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Advisory Board

David Claunch

After earning a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University, David spent 21 years as a project engineer building mechanical facilities mostly for the United States Navy. Then, his right brain demanded equal time, so he spent 10 years as a traveling, balloon twisting, storytelling clown. David has now integrated both sides of his brain as a scuba diving high school STEM teacher at Archway Academy in Houston, Texas. Teaching pre-calculus, algebra 2 and physics allows him to combine his love of math and science with his passion for the ocean while sharing his knowledge with his students.


Advisory Board

Kendra Warlow

Kendra has always had a passion for water, salty, fresh or anything in-between. She grew up watching PBS which inspired her to go into science. Today she enjoys teaching kiddos and is working on her scuba instructor rating. 


Advisory Board

Adrienne Bradshaw

Adrienne considers herself a lifelong educator. A former teacher within the Boston Public School system for 21 years, she holds a bachelor's degree her in Communications from Wilberforce University, a master's degree in Elementary Education from The University of Pittsburgh and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Educational Leadership from Cambridge College.  She is fierce advocate for children who have a hunger and desire to learn skills that help them improve their overall mental, physical and social skill set.

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Advisory Board

Charnita McClain

Charnita, born and raised in Boston is an entrepreneur that lives and earns her income living a purpose driven life that allows her to serve women and children of color. By being the bridge to connect resources, access, information and people to help build stronger communities. She is the founder of 50 Shirts Series, an accomplished grant writer, founder of Hydrate Boston, Inc; program developer, testimonial speaker and community leader


Board, Vice Chair

Kelly Abella 

Kelly earned her first scuba certification in 1976 when she was in the 9th grade. A prolific diver, business-owner and life-long educator, Kelly is a talented artist with a bachelor's degree in Theater Arts and Scenery Construction.  An entrepreneur and creator, she founded her own cabinet software company and is a talented cabinet maker in her own right. Over the years she has remained involved in local education programs and has served as a yearbook advisor and theater director. 


Advisory Board

Dr. Karin Warner

Dr. Karin Warner is a professor of nursing at the University of Pittsburgh and retired navy captain who served 34 years in the United States Navy in leadership positions in the western pacific, Mediterranean and in the United States. She Enjoys diving with her son and coaching and mentoring youth.


Advisory Board

Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder is an avid dive instructor and underwater photographer.  He has decades of experience as a successful business owner and manager and he relates well with everyone from student to professionals.  He is passionate about spreading his love for scuba diving and works on various programs in the mainland US, in the US Virgin Islands, and elsewhere in the Caribbean.  


Advisory Board

Min Kyriannis

Raised in New York City, Min wears many different hats.  She speaks multiple languages and has traveled the world as a technology and security executive.  She has used her experiences personally and professionally to encourage diversity and inclusion in educational programs for everyone.  She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters.


Advisory Board

TJ Lloyd

TJ Lloyd is a high school honors biology teacher and freshman class advisor at Norwin School District. He has been a scuba diver since 1984 and a diving instructor since 1986. He teaches a variety of diving classes and often engage in scientific diving projects when school is not in session. His focus in scuba for the past several years has been focused STEM scuba camps.